Signs of active fathering


1.      Your wife asks you to carry the baby to sleep while she catch up with her TV dramas.

2.      They request you to be the bartender for their milk

3.      They spontaneously shout for your name when they feel their safety is jeopardized i.e. encountering a hairy legged spider as small as a pea.

4.      You would have a sore shoulder frequently due to chronic muscle overuse from excessive carrying of the children.

5.      They want you to setup bubble baths and join them too.

6.      They ask for piggy back rides to their bedroom from the living room and roundabout 10 times and you obliged.

7.      They voluntarily ask to take pictures with you and wrap their hands around your shoulder or hands.

8.      Your mother in law has to ask you what to give to the children during their mealtimes.

9.      Your mobile number appear under the name “Papa” with other adjectives such as "Caring, Loving, Cute" etc in their phones.

10.   You have more pictures of your children than your beloved 4-wheelers or favorite gadget.

11.   The length of the essay “My Father” is longer as compared to other essays that was ever written by them.

12.   They ask for your views before consulting their mummies when they are spilt for decisions. And when mummies differ, they defend your views ferociously.

13.   When they roll their eyes in the same direction like you do.

14.   When they inherited the way you groove or stick their tongue out the corner of their mouth just like you do when concentrating.

15.   You are their first choice of candidate for face painting, role playing and hair braiding. 

16. In your busy calendar, there are couple of entries such as “Zoo date with girl, Meet the parent session" etc that you do not miss.

17. They call you a few times during the day requesting you to come home early as you are being missed.

18. They prefer holding your hands than anyone else’s.


Written by Chin Hock

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