Children See,
Children Follow

Children nowadays learn more quickly. They develop motorskills and speech capability much earlier as compared to 20, 30 years ago. Agree ? I like to attribute these positive developments to the relentless research in the milk powder formulation and the proliferation of computers in almost every household. In this article, I shall look beyond these 2 factors and examine the basics at how a toddler learn during his/her growing years.

If you were given a chance to watch the way cartoon heroes communicate, you may wonder why that scene is so familiar as if someone in your house is speaking the same way as it does. You are right. It is your junior. If you can relate to this, I bet you also agree with me that you are responsible for most vocabulary used by your junior as he looks upon you as parents for directions on speech, social etiquette, behaviours and many other life skills. It seems like children unknowingly follow the adults' behavours with no knowledge of whether is it correct or ethically wrong. The moment you give your seat up for a pregnant lady in the train, your junior is programmed, in his next train trip, to give up his seat for a plump lady with a bulging belly even though she may not be pregnant. Children see, Children follow.

That's also why you always put away your betting slips, make frequent trips to void deck for your smoking breaks or even indulge in your binge drinking only in the wee hours when they are asleep. You only want to let them see what you wanted them to be. However when you send their grandparents off to an old folks home or you let those folks visiting becomes an once a year affair and think this is a normal and natural thing to do since they have lived past their economic values and are only burdens to you and your own family.

Be prepared to face the same consequences like your folks as you have set your juniors up to think like you. When they grow up, you can be sure that you will end up in some old folks home or live lonely in a one room cage to wait for your end.

All the scoldings and mistreatments of their grandparents have been recorded in them and they have been programmed to play back all these when your time is up. If this is the ending you are planning for, I will not ask you to be kind to your parents, speak respectfully to them, love them for what they are and not abandon them just because they speak louder and slower in their actions during their aging years.

I will only ask you, " which old folks home do you want to end up in?"

Written by Chin Hock

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