let it be, let it be

Aunt Jenny would always sit in her rocking arm chair sometimes up to 12 hours a day staring blankly at the TV or the wall. Her husband, Uncle Ben would take care of the grocery shopping and the household chores. Aunt Jenny was a very active lady in her younger days. She would practice Taiji in the morning and do the household chores and prepare the meals. However, she had not stepped out of the house for the last 2 years.

She would get lost and had trouble remembering details, even her name. At 60, dementia got the better of her. The only name she could remember was Johnny. She would gently fondly call out “Johnny, Johnny,” and wept sadly to herself occasionally. Johnny is their son who is a brilliant scholar who graduated from the local prestigious university. He works as a medical professional and draws a neat five figure salary that most would envy. He leads a comfortable life and travels extensively with his wife, Joreen.

Johnny had always hated Uncle Ben and Aunt Jenny since he was young as their love always centered around his visually impaired sister, June who unfortunately had passed away in a car accident 5 years ago. Over the years, his jealousy and bitterness turned into anger and developed into hatred for his parents.

It was on a Saturday night when Johnny’s love for speed cost him dearly. The impact from the collision against the road barrier left him with punctured lungs, squashed kidneys and damaged corneas. The doctor managed to contact Uncle Ben and Aunt Jenny through his wife. “If we can’t find Johnny a suitable kidney, he may have to rely on dialysis for the rest of his life.” Several days later,

Johnny regained consciousness. He thanked God for giving him a second chance. With a new lease of life, he decided to visit his parents whom he had not met for the last 4 years. The moment he entered the sparsely furnished one room flat, he realised that his dementia stricken mother and her favourite rocking chair were not around.

Uncle Ben then told him,” Your mum did not want you to become incapacitated decided to give one kidney and her corneas to you. However, she died from complications later on.” When asked if there were any last words from her, Uncle Ben continued, “Johnny, Johnny, please forgive mama” Johnny broke down into tears, knelt down and begged for Uncle Ben’s forgiveness.

Written by Chin Hock

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