The prisoner of love

A latchkey kid, Augustine was the gem that Kevin and Doris had always prayed for. Due to their work commitments, they conceived Augustine only in their late thirties. To compensate for the lost time they had with their son, they would always pamper him with money and extravagance gifts. With a generous monthly allowance, Augustine began his life of indulgence. He would change his branded bags and apparels every now and then. Spending extravagantly enjoying himself becomes a part of his life.

Trouble prevailed when he got acquainted with his girlfriend, who was linked to a gang. Soon, Augustine was involved in gang fights, collecting gambling debts and running errands for the gang. A group dinner on a Sunday night went awry when one of his gang members was involved in a staring incident. A fight broke out and in the midst of the fighting, his buddy was stabbed twice In his heart by a rival member and died instantly on the spot. Shocked at the incident, Augustine ran away from the scene before the police arrived quickly rounding up the suspects. Within a few hours, Augustine was tracked down by the police after his accomplices confessed to the fight. His parents were devastated to hear about the news.

At every court trial, Augustine would turn to the audience stand and found none of his so called gang buddies were there except for his weary teared parents. Throughout the 4 years of imprisonment, Kevin and Doris were there to visit Augustine every day.

Inspired by his parents’ love and not wanting them to go through the same ordeal, Augustine vow to be a better person and contribute to the society when he regained his freedom. After his release, he went on to complete his studies and become a counseller at the runaway homes for the troubled youth. This time, he put his past experiences into good use and provide counselling for them to reflect, bravely accept their mistakes and move on with their lives.

Cherishing family remains one of his mindful advice to his youths.

Written by Chin Hock

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