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Some view it as "unglam". Others view it as troublesome. A few of you might not even give it a thought.

Look around yourself, do you notice our old folks are getting more lonely? My casual observations tell me that at least 7 out of 10 aged parents often shop alone for groceries, or out strolling in single or with their spouse. Ok. I am not out the whole day or with them 24/7, I can't judge that way. Things I don't see doesn't mean that it is not happening right?

Do you go out with your parents? When was the last time you accompany them for an outing? Do you find them a pain when they slow you down, for having differing views on your purchase or worst still speak loudly in public to the extent that you want to dig a hole and keep your head buried till the crowd disperse. If you answer yes, what's your stand now?

Where were your parents when you were crying loudly, throwing your tantrums in public as a toddler? My guess is they were beside you, holding your hands attending to you. Right? At that time, you needed them as much as they need you now as they age. Your parents don't walk as steady as before, some walk with a limp due to deformed knees, some even need to be wheelchaired. More serious ailments includes deteriorating visions and hearing. While your maids can stand in all these jobs for you, how would you feel if you were in your parents' shoes?

I view myself fortunate that I can plan to maximise my time and still accomplish things that are most important in my life. I am also blessed to still be able to hold my mum's hold and stroll with her. I aint' noble or saint, I just wouldn't want to miss any of these moments in my life and regret later when she is gone. To hold someone's hand is to offer them affection and protection and support. We hold our loved ones' hands. why not our parents' ?

Spend some time with your parents while they are around now.

Senior Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong quoted in Straits Times (Singapore) 1 Mar 09
"How we treat the old today will set the tone for how we ourselves will be treated when we grow old."


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