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Shared a few parenting lessons with the vietnam portal, (Top 10 brands - Famous Brand in Vietnam in 2014)


Linked up Families for Life and Red Cross hoping to reach out to more blood donors in article "Teach Your Child The Gesture Of Giving Early"


Featured in the Red Cross 3rd quarterly 2017 magazine under the article " Family outing to the bloodbank"

Download the full magazine here


Educating the Zaobao's readers on sound financial planning (给工作人士七个财务贴士)as a financial advisor. 3 Sept 2017


An article that went viral and was shared more than 400x on a vietnam family portal.

46 Blood Donation Not Just for Emergencies - feature in TODAY Online to encourage blood donation 6th July 2017

Was invited to National Radio Station, UFM1003 to share my experiences on blood donation.

Click here for the interview.


Specially invited to a school in the eastern region to address 250 students on "Parents". Had a few approaches in mind and in the end, I chose to reveal the secret that Parents have been hiding from their children. Please contact me if you like me to inspire your students or children. Click on the link for the preview.

43 My book "Father (父), Mother (母)" is now available for free download for a limited period. Click here to download now.

My article " Just One Hour Of Our Time Can Save Lives" was featured in Straits Times Forum and The New Paper


Being featured on National TV Channel 8's Hello Singapore to share my personal experience on blood donation. It took a sms and an impromptu desire to help people in 2009. What will be your story? (35:00 onwards)


Feature of the photography workshops in Straits Times dated 4th May 2017


Initiated a community project supported by LearnSG Seed Fund (by Lifelong Learning Council) to teach photography, to inspire more individuals and families to come together and learn a hobby which can be satisfying. More than 70 photography workshops will be conducted in Business Parks, CBD and Community Centres across the island by the end of 2017.


Hoping to inspire more to think of their family and relationships through two of my photography works in the Ngee Ann Kongsi Photography Exhibition 2017 (6-16 April). Thanks Ngee Ann Kongsi for the recognition of my family themed photography works over the past 3 years.


Shared some tipcs to break the bad habit of procrastination. (Straits Times Recruit 7 Mar 2017)


Shared some practical tips to surviving tough times at workplace. Similarly, these tips can be applied to families. (Straits Times Recruit 5 Jan 2017)


Shared a similar set of conflict management strategies with the Straits TImes Recruit read by the working professionals.(8 Nov 2016)


My english version of the article was published in Lianhe Zaobao ""培养关爱和孝顺之心从家庭开始 "(Translated by 叶琦保, Lianhe Zaobao, 8 Oct 16)


Teach children filial piety by setting the right example (MyPaper, My Opinion Section, 6 Oct 16)


Had a very fruitful sharing with the moderator and 3 other guest speakers and the 200 over enthusiastic participants at the Wanbao Coffee Talk on Filial Piety.
Watch the video here


Featured in the SmartParents Babies (Jul - Dec 2016) for views on "Honesty" and "Valuing Elders" among the children


Don't forget to love your parents (MyPaper, My Opinion Section, 28 Jun 16)


Being invited as one of the 4 guests for the Wanbao Coffee Talk organised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Singapore Press Holdings to talk about Filial Piety
(Held on 17 Jul 16 at HDB Hub)


Contributed an article " 自动提款机 " to Lianhe Wanbao. A tribute to all mothers. Happy Mother's Day! The original copy in both english and chinese can be found here


Hoping to inspire more to practise filial piety through an exihibit in the Ngee Ann Kongsi Photography Exhibition 2016. Featured for 2nd year consecutively. The photo is also featured in the book that I authored.

26 Featured blogger in the Families For Life portal
25 Straits Times article "Dads exert strong influence on kids" 10 Feb 2016

Contributed an article "Winning the hearts of our little ones" to


Holdinghands was being featured in a contest "Win a heartwarming book this Christmas!" organised by


Authored a book that will bring smiles to our parents. Available in both Engish and Chinese language, it is now selling in Kinokuniya book stores (Singapore).


Republish of article"Instil Good Values in Children Early" in Families for Life portal which was previously featured in SPH forum


Contributed an article "To Mama and Papa" to Families for Life (Previously known as National Family Council)


Contributed an article "Instill good values in children early" to SPH forum


As the latest attempt, Chin Hock decided to use photography to create awareness of the campaign. One of his work was selected as an exhibit in one of the largest photography exhibition in Singapore - 10th Ngee Ann Photography Exhibition 2015 schedule on 16th - 26th April 2015.


Contributed an article to regarding some challenges on parenting and staying with the grandparents


An interview with the vibes magazine (circulated to north eastern residents) on the topic of caring for our parents and families in today context. (Pg 14)


Listed as an example of 3 generations under one roof in Lianhe WanBao (July 2014)

14 Contributed article "Holding Parents' Hands In Their Journey" in Lianhe ZaoBao (5 July 2014)
13 Featured in the Beanstalk magazine for parents of pre-schooler and early childhood practitioners (Apr - Jun 2014)
12 Holdinghands featured in Me & my Money (Sunday Times 27 Oct 13)
11 Being one of the ten receipients to receive the inaugral Fillial Piety Award 2013 in Singapore.
10 More forum exchanges can be found at the following urls

(25 June 09)
Raise them right and your kids will do right by you y/STIStory_394830.html

Why some children may be unfilial y/STIStory_394832.html

Legislating filial piety another example of 'nannying' Singaporeans

Caring for parents does not require unlimited wealth y/STIStory_394829.html


I wrote a reply in Straits Times Forum on 13 June 09 which attracted some comments. Click on the thumbnail to know more. Alternatively, visit the copy at Straits Times forum here.



Holdinghands was featured in Lian He Wan Bao on 8 Jun 09. " I do not have the power to change a society overnight , I just want to remind the population that our parents are not there forever and we should hold their hands and walk with them as they walked us when we were toddlers." in Chinese (Click on the thumbnail)


Holdinghands was featured in Straits Times on 23 May 09. Brief desciption of Holdinghands and its campaign is detailed in the article. (Click on the thumbnail)


My humble contribution towards my family and successes was picked as an one of the 10 final entries for " Are You Men's Health Enough 08" organised by Men's Health Magazine, The World Largest Men's Magazine. (The contest features 10 guys who work and play hard, lead well-balanced and active lives, and who have overcome personal challenges and obstacles to achieve success in their own term)


Being the finalist of the Watson "Sporty Physique" award 2009


Clinched the "Most Significant Improvement" award in the Zaobao' LOHAS 09 and contributed part of my winnings to the community.


Featured in Zaobao for my participation in the annual LOHAS event.


Being featured in Mind Your Body as long distance runner, 11 June 2008



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