Why I do not need a watch

Constantly living in the present moment has brought about many realisations and some of these can be gratifying.

I used to think that you will always remain about the same height as your toy kitchen set but today when I carried you in my arms and crossed the muddy pathway, I realised you have already grown so much. We used to have the same level of eye contact but now, papa need to look up in order to hold our conversation.

When you were sound asleep, Papa gently hugged you and felt your pulsating heartbeats. It felt just like yesterday when I left my palm over your little body to create the calming effect you needed to sleep peacefully as a little baby but now my palm is only good to hold your hands.

I looked around and saw you girls plus Mama sleeping so sweetly and soundly. Papa smiled and teared. Tears of happiness must be, simply because I realised I still have all of you by my side. One day, you will realise that our time together as a family is a treasure Papa holds dearly close to his heart.

Time has passed so fast and I know it will be even quicker once you hit school age. You are the reason why I do not own a watch simply because watching you girls growing up will always be my best reference on the passing of time.*Teared*

With endless love, Papa.

(5:54am, 24 Jun 2017)



Written by Chin Hock

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