Holdinghands.sg was founded in 2009 on the Asian cultural value “Filial Piety” meaning the respect of our families and elders. Our mission is to live, love, and inspire. We aim to live meaningful lives ourselves and help others to do the same. Holdinghands.sg wants to spread love and charity to those who are less fortunate and inspire others to do the same.

Holdinghands.sg has evolved to a social enterprise focusing on uplifting our less fortunate community members by giving them access to the skill and art form of photography. We do this by offering completely free photography workshops to teach them the basics of photography as well as giving them free rental equipment for any photography endeavor they may be interested in.

Along with our free photography workshops and rentals, we also rally aspiring Asian photographers of all ages, from 15 years old all the way to seniors and list their photographs for sale. We take the funds we make off our store and reinvest the proceeds into meaningful causes.

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'Memories of the Circuit Breaker' Photobook featured @ Zaobao 早报
'Drenched to fill you up' photobook featured @ The New Paper