Lightroom presets are a fantastic way to speed up your editing process and give your photos a unique look with just a few clicks. But finding the perfect presets is not as easy as it sounds since there are so many different types of presets available, each designed to achieve a different effect.

Many people think that creating a preset is as easy as selecting the desired settings and clicking create. Well, it’s not. 

To create a good preset, you need to have a good knowledge of Lightroom, know how to use the sliders, have a basic understanding of photo editing, and be able to apply the right amount of settings to the image without overdoing it.

At Holdinghands Studio, we work with photographers to develop our presets. We carefully go through all the settings in Lightroom to make sure that they work aesthetically pleasing with each other and make it a perfect fit for your photos under most types of lighting. We refine the preset even further by taking in users feedback before launching a preset. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Lightroom presets to create amazing WOW photos and save precious time for other things that matter.


5 products

5 products