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Our mission is to live, love and inspire

Holdinghands Studio was founded in 2009, with the Asian cultural value of ‘Filial Piety’ at its heart. We promote the importance of respecting our parents while striving to live meaningful lives and uplifting others. We work to spread love and charity to those less fortunate, and to inspire others to do the same.

I’m Chin Hock, founder of Holdinghands Studio

In the beginning, I reached people by writing and sharing articles. But as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With my growing passion for taking family photos, I wondered - could I use photography to connect, inspire and uplift people?

My light bulb moment

By 2011, I was a new father, obsessed with capturing those precious family moments. I wanted to get better at taking photos, so I read countless photography books, attended seminars and watched YouTube tutorials. By the time our third child was born, my archive had grown to over 100,000 photos – and our home was filled with family photos!

In 2015, those spontaneous family photos became a book, ‘Father (父), Mother (母)’, aimed at promoting ‘Filial Piety’. I’d go on to publish six photobooks, five of them award-winners, with the themes of building strong families and uplifting communities. Foreword writers and reviewers for the photobooks include luminaries, academia and a New York best selling author. 

Debut of Father (), Mother () in Kinokuniya

One of my photobooks, ‘SIBLINGS – The Ups And Downs Of Having One’, was awarded ‘Book Best New Talent’ and ‘Gold’ in the book category (Non Pro) at the 2019 ‘Prix de la Photographie’. During an interview with the organiser, I shared my hopes of using photography to improve lives. I had big dreams but no idea how to make them happen.

Cover of award winning photobook 'SIBLINGS'

Seeing the power of photography

Over the years, my family-themed photos have been selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition, one of the largest photography exhibitions in Singapore from 2015 - 2021 consecutively. I’ve held paid and pro bono photography workshops for hundreds of people, passed on my skills in photo essay creation by developing a top-rated Udemy course (Digital Storytelling - Creating A Compelling Photo Essay) and raised over $30,000 for a local non-profit organisation, thanking the donors with my photobooks.

In spite of these developments, I’d never considered putting a price tag on my work. I continued to pray for an indication from God. Then one of my family-themed photos priced at SGD $2,500 was selected for a private collection purchase. I finally understood how I could use photography for a greater cause :)

     2 page feature of photobook 'Memories Of The Circuit Breaker'
on national paper, Zaobao

Photography has changed my life and I want to pay that forward

Today, Holdinghands Studio uses the power of photography to uplift under-resourced communities and drive positive societal change. Providing free access to photography workshops and equipment, we inspire people to discover their untapped creative talents. As their skills and confidence grow, they feel empowered to build a brighter future for themselves and others.

Through photography, I’ve connected with some amazing people; resilient, inspirational, talented people who share my vision. I’m eternally grateful to God and the angels who have guided me on my journey. The journey isn’t over until Holdinghands Studio has reached as many people as possible.

Sharing of photography tips with
foreign domestic workers via Zoom

Our social enterprise wouldn’t exist without the support of our collaborators: the gifted Asian photographers whose stunning artwork you can purchase here. We showcase aspiring photographers alongside award-winners, all of whom are proud to make an impact – not just with their artwork, but with their contributions to our cause. On this record, we like to take the opportunity to thank the following talented photographers who are early supporters of Holdinghands Studio. 

1. Kho Ai Kuan (Architecture)
2. Lee Yik Keat (Street | Architecture |  Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Singapore 2021)
3. Stanley Poh (Street)
4. Gordon (Architecture)
5. Benny (Nature)
6. Rubina Gan (Architecture)
7. Hermie (Nature) 
8. Nicholas Ng (Nature)
9. Bernard Sim (Pets |  Global Winner Of Sony Animal Portrait Competition)
10. Jumaiti (Nature)
11. Genelyn Mallare Joson (People)

12. Cecilia Lee (Nature) has been featured in some of the top local and international media outlets over the past decade. We are grateful to these outlets as they help us to spread the word about our organization as well as getting emerging Asian photographers the publicity that benefits their careers going forward. If your publication is interested in a collaboration, kindly fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly. We look forward to working together.


2021 – Photography work ‘Drenched In Sweat To Fill You Up’ awarded ‘Silver’ in the Book (Non Pro) Category Moscow International Foto Awards

2021 – Photography work ‘We wonder how the world will look when “Normalcy’ resumes after Covid-19’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2021 – Photography work ‘Who is the story teller in your family?’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2020 – First Singaporean interviewed in the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) photography award contest

2020 – Photography work ‘We wonder how the world will look when “Normalcy’ awarded ‘Silver’ in the ‘People’ Section of Singapore International Photography Awards

2020 – Photography work ‘Memories of the Circuit Breaker’ awarded ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ in the Book (Non Pro) Category of International Photo Awards and Moscow International Foto Awards respectively

2019 – First Singaporean to win the ‘Book Best New Talent’ (Non Pro) in Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) with the photobook ‘Siblings, The Ups and Downs of Having One’

2019 – Photography work ‘My Singapore, My Family, My Grandparents’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2018 – Photography work ‘Teaching Ah Gong to use remote control’ and ‘Joy of Motherhood’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2017 – Photography work ‘Roaring to a GREAT life’ and ‘Two ladies, two generation apart, enjoying each other’s company’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2016 – Photography work ‘A peck on Ah Ma’s cheek selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

2015 – First photography work on family ‘Helping the elder sister to meet her daily fruit serving intake’ selected for feature in the Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition