Genelyn Joson

Meet Genelyn Joson.

For the past 2 decades, she has been in Singapore working as a migrant worker to support her family in Philippines. 

During the text interview, she shared that she wanted to have a camera when she was young so that she could take photos, travel around the world and collect beautiful memories. Her dream is to become a photographer and bring smiles to people in her photos. She is happy when her subjects are happy. She bought her first camera 5 yrs ago and it has become her best friend and stress reliever. She finds herself taking photographs more often during COVID pandemic and she wants to bring about more positivity with her photos. 

Her proudest and happiest moments was when some of her photos had been selected for feature in the MIGRANT WORKERS PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2021.

To her, Photography is Life.

Holdinghands Studio is privileged to list her works and be a part of her dream to become a photographer. Earlier this year, we have also supported her to participate in the International Mobile Photography Awards 2021.

Will you join us to support her dream?


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