Breaking Barriers: A Photo Walk and National TV Programme Showcasing the Talent and Perspectives of Migrant Workers

Breaking Barriers: A Photo Walk and National TV Programme Showcasing the Talent and Perspectives of Migrant Workers

On 6 Sept morning, a group of migrant workers gathered in the heart of Singapore's business district - Clarke Quay for a photo walk. Led by Chin Hock, Hermie, Benjamin, Joseph and Tony, they explored Clarke Quay and captured its beauty through their lenses. From bustling markets to serene parks, they documented their experiences and a few migrant workers shared their stories to be aired on the national TV Programme Channel 8 , 晨光|不同凡想.

The photo walk and filming of the TV programme had a significant impact on the migrant workers who participated. Many of them had never been given the opportunity to showcase their creativity and perspectives before. They felt empowered and valued, and their photos provided a glimpse into their lives and experiences.

The programme also had a broader impact on Singaporean society. By showcasing the migrant workers' perspectives, it challenged stereotypes and promoted social integration. It is our wish that it helped to break down barriers and fostered a sense of community between migrant workers and Singaporean residents.

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Invitation to Join Us

If you are a migrant worker who loves taking photos, we invite you to join our community at Our community provides a platform for you to share your photographs, connect with other photography enthusiasts, and showcase your talent.

Donating Your Used Cameras

If you have a used camera that you would like to donate, we would be happy to receive it. Please contact us at, and we will follow up with you shortly. Your donation could help provide an opportunity for someone to explore their passion for photography and showcase their unique perspective.

At Holdinghands Studio, we believe that everyone has a story to tell and a unique perspective to share. We are committed to promoting social integration and providing a platform for migrant workers to showcase their talent and skills. Join us in celebrating their photography journeys, and let's continue to shine a light on the beauty and diversity of Singapore's migrant worker community.


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