From Migrant Workers to Photographers: <br>Empowering Singapore's Multicultural Community

From Migrant Workers to Photographers:
Empowering Singapore's Multicultural Community

Hermie sharing tips on portrait photography

We recently had the pleasure of working with trainers Hermie, Chin Hock and Swee Ling to lead an outdoor portrait photography session for migrant workers in Singapore. It was a truly enriching and transformative experience. In this blog post, we want to share some of our insights and reflections from the session, and highlight the beauty and diversity of migrant workers in Singapore.

During the outdoor portrait photography session, the migrant workers learned a number of new techniques and skills that helped them capture stunning images of their subjects, including models @Zelda Park and @Marjorie Mozo. They learned how to use an external flash to add light and depth to their photos, and how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed to create the desired effect. They also learned how to pose their subjects and how to use composition and framing to create a more dynamic and interesting image.

One of the key things that the migrant workers learned was how to be more observant and attentive when photographing models. They were encouraged to look out for subtle nuances in body language, facial expressions, and clothing, and to use these details to create a more compelling and engaging photo. They also learned how to create a rapport with their models, and how to put them at ease in front of the camera.

Factors that the migrant workers had to consider when taking photos included lighting, composition, framing, and storytelling. They were encouraged to experiment with different angles and perspectives, and to think about the narrative or message that their photos were conveying. They also learned how to be more patient and persistent in their photography, and how to seize the right moment to capture the perfect shot.

The outdoor portrait photography session and landmark exploration were wonderful opportunities for migrant workers in Singapore to learn new techniques and skills, and to express their creativity and love for Singapore. We want to thank Hermie, Chin Hock, and Swee Ling for their guidance and expertise, and we want to commend the migrant workers for their courage and dedication. Special thanks to models @Zelda Park and @Marjorie Mozo for their time and willingness to participate. We hope to continue organizing events like this in the future, and we invite anyone who is interested in contributing their time and knowledge to get in touch with us. Let's celebrate the beauty and diversity of Singapore together.


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  • Agnes Tono

    Learning new skills and level up our skills is one way to achieve our dreams.
    Thank you so much Bro. Chin Hock , Bro. Hermie and Sis. Swee Ling. Looking forward for more opportunity to learn together and make a new friends.

  • Jonaro

    Today, I am very delighted to be one of the photographers for HOME Basic English students and their NUS teachers National Gallery tour. Using my skills in photography in these type of events gives me encouragement to do more for my fellow migrant workers.thanks bro chin hook

  • Geraldine Flores Jordan

    Thanks Bro Chin Hock for the opportunity looking forward to learn more about Photography thanks for sharing your knowledge with us..

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