Exploring New Opportunities and Making a Positive Impact: The Journey of a Social Entrepreneur

Exploring New Opportunities and Making a Positive Impact: The Journey of a Social Entrepreneur

Operating a social enterprise has been an exciting and unexpected journey for me. As the founder of an organisation that combines social impact with business, I've had the opportunity to work with incredible people and make a positive impact in my community. But, the journey has also led me to unexpected adventures, such as being invited to be a judge for photography contests.

When I first received the invitation to judge a contest, I was both excited and nervous. While I love photography and have a good eye for it, I wasn't sure what being a judge entailed. So, I turned to Mr Google to understand what it takes to be a photography judge.

Through my research, I learned that as a photography judge, I needed to have a good understanding of the contest rules and criteria, as well as a keen eye for composition, lighting, and subject matter. It was important for me to approach the judging process with fairness, objectivity, and an open mind. As I delved deeper into the art of photography judging, I gained a new appreciation for the skill and talent required to capture a great photograph. I learned that photography is not just about taking pictures, but also about storytelling, creativity, and emotion. 

Being a photography judge was a truly enriching experience for me, and it gave me a new perspective on photography as an art form. It also reminded me of the importance of pursuing one's passions and seeking out new experiences, even if they are unexpected or outside of our comfort zone.

As a social entrepreneur, I've come to realize the importance of embracing new experiences and pursuing our passions in order to foster personal and professional growth. Doing so allows us to explore new opportunities, acquire valuable skills, and make a positive impact in our communities.

If you're someone who shares this mindset and is passionate about creating positive change, we'd love to hear from you. We're always looking for like-minded individuals to join us in our social entrepreneurship journey. Don't hesitate to reach out and start a conversation with us. Let's work together to make a difference!

Chin Hock

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