From Humble Beginnings to a Year of Impact: Holdinghands Studio Founder Shares Reflections

From Humble Beginnings to a Year of Impact: Holdinghands Studio Founder Shares Reflections

Me sharing some tips at our 1st Photowalk at Punggol Waterway Park

When Holdinghands Studio was setup a year ago, I had no idea how to start a movement and where it will lead us to. All I knew was that I wanted to make a difference in people's lives, especially for those who are often overlooked and underrepresented - migrant workers.

I still remember the first workshop we conducted, teaching basic photography skills to a group of migrant workers who had little to no experience with cameras. It was a humbling experience, seeing how eager they were to learn and how quickly they picked up the skills.

From there, we started conducting more workshops and photo walks, partnering with organizations and companies such as Sony, Camera Rental Centre, FAST, HOME, TCM Healing Health etc who shared our vision of empowering and uplifting the migrant worker community. We saw firsthand how photography can serve as a tool for self-expression and empowerment, giving a voice to those who are often silenced.

But it wasn't just about teaching photography skills. We also wanted to create a safe space for migrant workers to connect, build friendships, and feel a sense of belonging. It's a simple yet powerful idea - that by building relationships and bridging divides, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

We have seen the impact of our work on the migrant worker community. We've had migrant workers share with us how they have gained confidence and a new sense of purpose through our workshops. We've seen how our photo walks have allowed them to explore and appreciate Singapore in a new light. And we've seen how the friendships formed through our events have lasted beyond the workshops and photo walks. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their passions and feel a sense of belonging. And through our work, we hope to create a more inclusive and compassionate society, one photo at a time.

It's been a humbling and rewarding journey, and I'm grateful for the community of supporters who have helped us along the way. Looking back on our journey, I am amazed at how far we have come. We started with a simple goal of using photography to give back to the community, and now we are making a real impact in the lives of migrant workers. I am excited to see where this journey will take us next, and I am grateful for the support and encouragement we have received along the way.

One of the pivotal moments for our social enterprise was when we were featured in an interview with Straits Times LIFE, Deputy Editor, Mr Wong Kim Hoh. This helped to increase the visibility of Holdinghands Studio, and I am eternally grateful for it. The interview allowed us to reach a wider audience and to create more awareness about the plight of marginalized communities in Singapore.

I like to invite you to watch the interview at

Let us all be inspired to make a positive impact on our communities and empower those in need. Together, we can create a better world ;-)


Chin Hock


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